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Pain Unit

The Pain Unit at FMUP is headed by the Full Professor Deolinda Lima, comprises several subgroups and is also affiliated to the Institute for Molecular and Cell Biology (IBMC) of University of Porto. The Group has a long track of publications since the 70's, studying the neurobiological mechanisms of pain, and is one leading group in Portugal and Europe in the field, being very competitive at the national and international level. Although the entire team is focused on the Physiopathology of Pain and works together sharing know-how and technical training, the group is organized in several sub-units, each one with different expertise, dedicated to particular aspects of pain and supervised by a senior investigator. Their research activities range from the anatomo-physiology of pain circuits to molecular and circuit pain-induced changes and cognitive-emotional impairment.

Specifically, researchers at the Group have been involved in the:
  1. molecular characterization of DRG and spinal cord neurons physiologically or under pain conditions, in embryonic and adult stages (immunohistochemistry and molecular biology techniques);
  2. electrophysiological characterization of the spinal pain processing circuit;
  3. identification of plastic changes in the neurotransmitters systems supraspinally and study of the endogenous pain control system (in situ hybridization and immunohistochemistry, behavioural pharmacology);
  4. identification of signalling pathways (c-Fos, ERKs, neurotrophins) altered under chronic pain;
  5. characterization of cognitive-emotional impairment during chronic pain (behaviour and multi-electrode electrophysiology);
  6. development of therapies for visceral pain and associated pathologies at the urogenital system;
  7. evaluation of the efficacy of gene therapy manipulation of the endogenous pain control system;
  8. epidemiology of pain in Portugal.

To attain its objectives the group brings together various expertise and facilities that are frequently combined to answer scientific questions in each sub-area. These include:
  1. Molecular Biology and biochemistry (RT-PCR, cloning, cell culture, radioactive and non-radioactive in situ hybridisation, Western and southern blotting, ELISA, ...);
  2. Tissue and neuronal circuitry histology and histochemistry;
  3. Advanced microscopy (with up-to-date and high quality light, fluorescent-confocal and apotome microscopes, electron microscopy, image acquisition and analysis software);
  4. Microsurgery, stereotaxic and intrathecal canulation, neuronal tracing;
  5. Classic and multielectrode in vivo electrophysiology;
  6. Patch clamp electrophysiology;
  7. Nociceptive and cognitive animal behavior;
  8. Epidemiological Studies;
  9. Computational neuroscience (in cooperation)

The Group publishes yearly several papers in peer-reviewed international journals (see PubMed for Institute of Histology and Embryology, University of Porto, or Instituto de Histologia e Embriologia, Faculdade de Medicina, Universidade do Porto) and collaborations are maintained with regular mobilities/visits and trainings in prominent laboratories, mainly in Europe and USA, while a strong involvement in outreach activities is accomplished through multiple national and international programs.

The team includes people from different backgrounds (pharmacy, biology, biochemistry, nutrition, etc), with medical doctors amounting to 20% of the team.

The Group has a long record of supervising researchers from the undergraduate up to the Post Doc level being highly involved in pre and post-graduation training activities, with organization of courses, seminars and workshops. The Pain Research Group or some of its members have been engaged in the organization of several important national and international scientific meetings in the neurosciences and especially in the pain field (e.g. FENS2004, IASP Congress 2008, EFIC Congress 2009).

At the national level, the members of the Group are actively engaged in organizing and lecturing several post-graduation courses which are part of PhD studies Programs, including the Doctoral Program in Neuroscience. At the European Community level, the Group is also involved in organizing and/or participating in several EFIC Pain Schools as well as in PENS Schools. At present there are several PhD students, and on average two/three PhD students get their degree per year. All PhD theses in the group include 4 to 6 papers published or in press. Several master students defend their thesis with work doen at the Unit. There are also several young research grantees (assistant researchers) and several pre-graduation students doing research work every year in the laboratory.

Activity Report 2009

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Publications January 2006 - September 2010

Books and Book Chapters

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